From Bad Ass to Pansy in 2 days

Ok well the Triple Crown is over and now no one will give a fuck about horse racing until next years derby. Sure I was disappointed California Chrome lost the last leg of the Triple Crown. Why not, I didn’t know the name of any other horses in the race and wanted to see a Triple Crown especially from a Blue Collar horse and owners. Then I saw the post race interview with the owner of California Chrome, you know the guy from the Diabetes commercial, and I thought what a fucking hard ass. I loved it. He was looking through the camera and straight into our souls. I wanted him to pull out his Six Shooters and start busting shots off in the air and challenge all the other owners to draw.

But then I get up this morning and hear that he’s gone onto Good Morning America or The Today Show or The View or some pussy show like that and apologizes and cries about what he said Saturday. Dude, man the fuck up. We all know your wife beat you with the horse whip and made you do that. You are about to rake in $250,000 every time your horse busts a nut. Nothing to apologize for. You were right. Fuck these fresh horses entering the last leg without participating in the previous two.You were just speaking the truth after a hard loss. Hell most of them will be headed to the Elmer’s facilities soon anyways.  Ok that will be the first and last horse racing blog for at least 9 months or ever.




2 responses to “From Bad Ass to Pansy in 2 days”

  1. johnnyguch says :

    His cunt wife had something to do with his apology.


  2. TBall says :

    I agree Guch. Did you see her face after the post race interview? Surprised she didn’t make him do it right there. He lost a lot points in my book.


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