Dumb Ass Criminals: Teens Steal Credit Card to Rent Mansion and Luxury Cars

Kids these days have balls. Shit when I was a teenager I was stealing  booze and virginities.   Man I hope these two guys had a huge ass bash in the house they rented. And they better have been doing lines of blow off strippers tits and shit like Leo in “Wolf of Wall Street”. If not this is a complete and utter fail. Why else would you rent a mansion with a stolen credit card at 19?

AP: In Northern California, a couple teens stole a credit card and paid $27,000 to rent a home and $13,000 to rent a 2012 McLaren. One of the suspects, a former standout basketball player for a local high school, was also recently arrested for using a fake credit card to buy 14 iphones and 2 laptops at an Apple Store.




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