Archive | June 9, 2014

Dumb Ass Criminals: Teens Steal Credit Card to Rent Mansion and Luxury Cars

Kids these days have balls. Shit when I was a teenager I was stealing  booze and virginities.   Man I hope these two guys had a huge ass bash in the house they rented. And they better have been doing lines of blow off strippers tits and shit like Leo in “Wolf of Wall Street”. If not this is a complete and utter fail. Why else would you rent a mansion with a stolen credit card at 19?

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TG3 For Heisman Shirts!!

Get ’em here 1st Dawg Fans. Lets get this campaign started. We know it and everyone else in the country knows it, we have the baddest Running Back in the country


TG3 For Heisman Shirts for $25 (shipping included)

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From Bad Ass to Pansy in 2 days

Ok well the Triple Crown is over and now no one will give a fuck about horse racing until next years derby. Sure I was disappointed California Chrome lost the last leg of the Triple Crown. Why not, I didn’t know the name of any other horses in the race and wanted to see a Triple Crown especially from a Blue Collar horse and owners. Then I saw the post race interview with the owner of California Chrome, you know the guy from the Diabetes commercial, and I thought what a fucking hard ass. I loved it. He was looking through the camera and straight into our souls. I wanted him to pull out his Six Shooters and start busting shots off in the air and challenge all the other owners to draw.

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Lose a Jeter, Gain a Powers

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I can’t stand the Yankees but I love this move. If your the Yankees why wouldn’t you pull the trigger on Kenny Powers. I mean you lose your long time captain and face of the franchise for the last 2 decades and who do you draft…Kenny Fucking Powers.

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