My Neck, My Back, My Neck and My Back Aww!!

LeBron James

Somebody get this dude a Banana or Gatorade or some Midol or SOMETHING!!

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Listen, I’m not a Lebron hater. I love and respect his game. He is the most freakish athlete in sports if you ask me. But reasons like last night make it hard to like and cheer for him. I’ve played sports all my life, I’ve cramped up so bad that I thought I got shanked in the leg. I’m know how much that shit hurts. And I hate the MJ & Lebron talks, but do you think Jordan would have ever let Scotty and Ron Harper carry his ass off the court because he’s cramping? HELL FUCKING NO. Jordan would’ve kicked them in the dick if the tried to carry him to the sideline. Not saying Lebron wasn’t in pain but these pussies these days milk everything. Coming from someone who LOVES basketball and has watched longer than I could talk, it is hard to watch.

And as for all the clowns who are claiming an “Air Conditioning Gate” by the Spurs you can go fuck yourself. I’m sure the old ass Spurs said “hey lets turn the AC off and play in 90 degree heat”. No they just manned up and got buckets in the 4th Quarter.

When Jonathon Martin is trolling you on Twitter you need to take a long look in the mirror. I mean that pussy quit on the Dolphins last year because guys were making fun of him. JM’s balls must finally be dropping.

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