“I’m Rich Bitch” – Coach Cal

Not that he needs it but, $52 Mil all the way to the fucking bank. Get that $$ Coach Cal. Listen, I think he’s a fucking Sleezy, Crook, Basketball Mobster but dude is best crook in the biz. Love him or hate him, Cal wins. He told the Lakers to kick rocks. UK will fork out the Benjamins. As much as I hate the “One and Done” rule, Cal works it better than anyone. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Over/Under 4 year before the NCAA comes calling and he jets for the NBA?



One response to ““I’m Rich Bitch” – Coach Cal”

  1. HotCarl says :

    52 million…sheeeeyattt!!!! The man now controls 93 percent of all the money in Kentucky.


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