South African Debo’s Bike

“It’ll be like it’s both ours we’ll just keep it at my house”

There’s nothing worse than an asshole on a bike. Those fuckers get in your way when you drive, piss off pedestrians in large cities, wear nut-hugging spandex, and as Lance Armstrong has taught us, are generally unlikeable slimeballs with a false sense of entitlement. I’ve never met a bicycle enthusiast whom I didn’t consider a homosexual. But damn, this guy got ROBBED AT GUNPOINT in a fucking enchanted forest!

“That’s my bike punk!”


One response to “South African Debo’s Bike”

  1. TBall says :

    Best part is the jack ass didn’t notice the biker had a Go Pro Camera on his head. Probably cost more than the bike and the $12 he had in his pocket


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