Reactions to “The Mountain vs. The Viper” G.O.T Episode – SPOILER ALERT!!


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DAAAAANNMM!! That’s why you don’t dick around in a fight to the death. Like Mortal Combat says “FINISH HIM”. Don’t worry about the fucking giant you nearly slayed saying the names of your family members that he killed, cause if you don’t put him away you’ll be joining your family sooner than later. And that’s exactly what happened. Not trying to brag but I saw this coming the whole fight. I mean I didn’t know Martell was going to get his head squished like fruit at a Gallagher show, but I knew it wasn’t going to end well for him when he was taunting “The Mountain” and talking all that shit.

I have to give it to Martell though because I like the way he prepped for the battle. Sticking his tongue down his womens throat and pounding booze. Isn’t that how most fights start now anyways. Some drunk ass dude making out with some slut only for her ex-boyfriend to come walking up.

I had the same reaction as the patrons in the bar when I saw the video of THE PATRONS IN THE BAR. Those are exactly the types of people I’d picture that would gather at a bar and watch Game of Thrones. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but I’m not gathering at a bar with 50 rando’s to watch it. Surprised they didn’t all get dress up like a Dragoncon convention.

PS. I can’t stand people who cheer in movies and TV shows. I’d like to have a Combat to the Death with them.


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