In case you didn’t already know he was an alcoholic…HOLY COW!!


harry caray 2

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The Chicago Sun-Times released findings of a dark green “Day Book” or Diary belonging to the one and only Harry Caray. In the book the famed announcer logged his visits, all 288 of them, to the bar in 1972. Click on the link below to read the article from the Chicago Sun-Times.

In the words of the man himself…HOLY COW!! 288 straight days at the bar. What a fucking CHAMP!! It’s a wonder the man lasted past 1972 let alone 1998 when he eventually kicked the bucket. Not that he needed it, but I’m pretty sure this cemented his legacy. I know the Cubs don’t fucking win a thing but this right here is Winning at it’s finest. As a fan of another baseball team that can’t win for shit (Braves) I understand where he was coming from. I just don’t have the balls or liver to even come close to matching that feat. Hell, not even in my prime drinking days would I or could I have accomplished 288 straight day. Cheers to you Harry Caray!! RIP.


PS. That’s the only time you will see CHAMP and Cubs in write up together.





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