Everything has a beginning. The photo above is mine and all of yours. Yep your dad went inside your mom and one of these hard working determined troopers out swam all the others and busted through the wall to create you…or something like that, I’m no fucking scientist. Anyways, this is our beginning too. Welcome to Bad Grammar Sports. Like the home page header says, we are a Southern Based Sports, Entertainment, and News Blog. The writers of these blogs are MEN and most of the contents will be directed towards MEN.  However, we love the ladies too and encourage all of you to read and comment. Just FYI, if you weren’t offended already, you will be.  If you were offended, kiss my ass and click the little “x” in the top right corner cause this ain’t for you. Hopefully you all have thick enough skin and a sense of humor to enjoy this blog. Everyone feel free to leave comments in our “Shit Talk” comments section. Enjoy and let the Shit Talking begin!!

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